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Explorations in Pine Resin 

In the 19th and early 20th centuries the pine resin industry was booming around the world, primarily being used to waterproof naval shipping fleets. The rise of petroleum based alternatives however, lead to a rapid decline in its use.

Explorations in Pine Resin therefore seeks to promote its contemporary resurgence. Exploring how the substance, which is naturally secreted by pine, fir and cedar trees in order to seal damage to their bark, as well as renewable, carbon negative and bio-degradable, could be an ideal material for use in an oil-free future.

Realised as a series of research objects, each demonstrates one or more of resins characteristics. Handles for drawers and tools, showcase how the surface tackiness is a good source of additional grip. Fruit bowls utilise its resistance to bacteria and microbes, and the wide range of vessels demonstrate how resin can make almost any material - paper, card and mesh included - completely watertight.

Watch the process video here.

Pine Resin, 2022.

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