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A Tree Isn't Just for Christmas

Every January Britain's streets are littered with the waste product of the ephemeral festival season, with Christmas tree's filling bins, pavements and alleyways.

Serving as an antidote to this cycle of boom-and-waste, this collection aims to give a new life to Christmas trees. Turning them into characterful domestic objects, each of which makes use of the trunks unusual form in an inventive way. 

Tables Made From Christmas Trees
Christmas Tree Side Table
Christmas Tree Side Table

'A total of 6 million Christmas trees are said to be discarded every year... weighing in at around 160,000 tonnes*.'

WRAP, *UK Statistics

Christmas Tree in Bin
Christmas Tree Collection

Once collected each tree then goes through a series of transformational processes in the workshop, being turned into functional and characterful objects.

Large trunks form the pedestal of four seater dining tables, which are compact yet distinguished in form. Whereas smaller trees are converted into side tables, and branches are cut from the body of the tree in order to make a range of hooks.

All pieces are hand-crafted, and so no two are ever completely alike. 
FSC certified Scots pine has been used to create any initial elements, however other soft and hardwoods are available on request. All pieces are finished in a durable hard wax oil.

To help reduce waste and extend the life of a Christmas tree, shop pieces in the collection now, or for bespoke enquiries please don't hesitate to 
get in touch.

Christmas Tree Hooks
Christmas Tree Hooks
Christmas Tree Process.jpg
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