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Branch Knife
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Beginning as an exploration into how with only one component of a product, the rest can be made. A knife blank is used to split a branch into 5 pieces, which can then be reassembled (with the exclusion of the central piece) to create a handle.

This process not only enables consumers to learn about the properties of timber and how best to use their tools - with the handle having the capacity to be personalised to the users unique needs - but it also poses a series of more fundamental questions: 

- When modern supply chains are pressured, how can we be more resourceful with the materials surrounding us?
- Do we always need such complex and intricate machinery techniques, when there are many suitable existing natural forms?
- And by leaving more of the products creation to the end user, can stronger emotional bonds be created? 


Variety of Found Hardwood Branches, Stainless Steel, 2020.

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